While everyone sang the praises of Two Rivers and Unexposed over the last six months, I was left wanting more. Both Two Rivers and Unexposed ruined my sealed collection, and Ambition was a classy, but slightly uninspiring edition. I fell in love with Ambition, but then I fell out of love with it.

Naturally then, since many people appear to be joining in on the collective yawn for the Summer 2015 COLORS edition, I’m gleefully jumping for joy.

Workshop looks brilliantly perfect upon first glance. The theme speaks to a working man’s memo book, and the simpler kraft covers make this edition more prone to being used than ever before.

The inside paper is my favourite 70 lb. Finch, this time with a dot grid.

Count me excited. I ordered a second pack without even watching the video. Which, in hindsight, was a good thing — I would have bought an extra three or four packs had I watched the video right off the bat.