Below are a variety of photo essays from over the years. Photos have been created with a range of camera equipment, from the Sony a7II to the Fuji XT-2 to the Canon EOS-R. Most recently, photos are created with the Leica Q2.


Toronto, Canada

Catching Toronto without a single professional sporting event in a weekend is rare. But I'll take it.

Banff, Canada

A fun long weekend in Canada's most recognizable national park.

Santorini, Greece

That one magical sunset is worth every dollar. It can’t be taken away from you in that moment. It’s never-ending, yet gone in the blink of an eye.

Mykonos, Greece

There are times and places to spend money and to enjoy some of the luxuries in life.

Cinque Terre, Italy

This is no longer Italy's best kept secret. In fact, if tourists aren’t careful, it’ll become Italy’s worst secret.

Paris, France

Our second stop during our Euro 2016 adventures. And right in the middle of Euro 2016.

London, England

Our first stop on a two-week European adventure. Our first time drinking true English tea.