My friend Álvaro on what his site is all about:

In the end, I may never figure out what Analog Senses is really about, but at least I have a pretty good idea of who it’s for. It’s a website for those who are obsessed with what lies beneath the surface, a website for those who stay up at night, wishing their days were 30 hours long. It’s a website for tinkerers.

Analog Senses, Audacious Fox, The Brooks Review,, The Spark Journal, Daring Fireball etc. — these are all columns which aren’t any different than the editorial column in your local newspaper. They are columns which outline a writer, the writer’s experiences, the writer’s opinions, and their reflections on daily life.

So who are they for? These sites are for everyone, just like the columnist for the Washington Post. Sometimes a columnist writes about their dog — Marley and Me anyone? — and the audience follows along for the ride. There’s no need to define who a column is for, just that it’s a personal column.

Fortunately, these columns are also a heck of a lot more interesting than what you may find in a newsprint format.