Mr. Gemmell on blogs:

My blog. The phrase has an immediate sense of… well, amateurishness. The teenager’s written-from-the-bedroom outlet for angst and budding reflection. It’s a term that’s embraced by the thirty-plus-somethings who are just catching up, or by companies to sound folksy and approachable. It’s so democratic, it hurts.
Blogs have self-esteem issues.

I love the eye-rolling I get from my co-workers when I tell them I publish a site on a daily basis.

“Oh, like you mean a blog?” they’ll say.

I generally reply with, “Well, I guess it’s a blog. But there’s more to it than that. And it even makes money.”

To which they giggle, and reply with a snarky “Oh really? I’m sure it does.”

I try to define this site as a column, like the column Nick Bilton writes for The New York Times. In fact, I treat The Newsprint as though it was a full blown publication. As it turns out, I’m the Editor-in-Chief, the Reporter, the Columnist, and the Owner of the publication.

Maybe I should tell my co-workers that I own a publication and recently became the Editor-in-Chief as well. I’ll be sure to snap a photograph of their jaws dropping to the floor.