The iPhone 15 Pro in titanium is quite likely the most beautiful iPhone yet. I'd rank it higher than the iPhone 5 or 5s myself.

You’ve read all the ink there is to spill about the iPhone 15 Pro at this point. It’s quite likely the best iPhone release in years, with a soft titanium build and smooth edge making for the most holdable iPhone ever. The cameras are the best ever, even being named the best smartphone camera of 2023 by MKBHD. It’s also reasonable to think USB-C will eliminate an extra cable or two in your bag. (Though I’m currently in that odd no man’s land where my wife still has a Lightning-enabled iPhone that requires that extra cable anyway.)

I have nothing to add to the conversation other than my own photography. I found some nice light one afternoon, threw up a soft white background, and shot a few photos like I shot a few years back of the iPad. Nothing too particularly special today — just had some fun with the camera again over the Christmas holiday.

All photos were shot with the Leica Q2 and edited in Lightroom.

I'm a huge fan of the proportions in the "notch region" at the top of the iPhone. The regular-sized iPhone 15 Pro has the perfect proportions of any iPhone available. In my most humble opinion, of course.
I continue to be annoyed tremendously by that extra cellular line built into the rail. It completely ruins the symmetry here.
You'll note the finger oils around each of the buttons on the left rail. Titanium seems to hold those fingerprints pretty strongly, even after a wipe.
The cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro are bigger and more capable than ever.