Apple fanboy giveaway numero uno: You remember exactly where you were when you opened your first Mac, your first iPad, and your first iPhone. Bonus points if you remember the wallpaper when you fired up the device the first time.

I figured a dash of nostalgia would do me well, so I went back and found the first wallpapers that had an impression on me.

Here are my current Lock and Home Screens:

My first iPhone was an iPhone 4 and these little clownfish were not the default wallpaper on that iPhone. But these clownfish certainly had their spell on me — it was this clownfish wallpaper strewn across all iPhone marketing for those first few years and which engrained the dream of an iPhone in my hand one day.

Now, I was both old enough and stupid enough to buy a first generation iPad. I will never forget both the day Steve announced that device while sitting on a couch and the day I had a chance to unbox it. It really wasn’t a comfortable device to hold and use, but this wallpaper stamped its impression on my heart.

The clownfish wallpaper had a little more fanfare in iOS 16/17 on the latest iPhones, but you can also find this original iPad wallpaper in the current versions of iPadOS as well.

My first Mac was a 2009 15-inch Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro pre-installed with OS X Snow Leopard. I loved that purple starscape. But it was the little 2012 11-inch MacBook Air that captured my heart more than any Mac I’ve ever used. I fell in love with the 11-inch Air in OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion’s starscape took that little 64GB 11-inch Air to the next level.

(Thanks to Stephen Hackett’s 6K macOS wallpaper project for the Mountain Lion option!)