February is basically depression month of the year, right? Maybe it’s not, but I hate February. It’s always cold where I live. The days are short. You’re still in the comedown from Christmas, meaning you shouldn’t really shop for anything. And basically everyone you could be envious of takes a vacation to a hot destination.

So basically, I’m in the middle of wishing I was somewhere warm, wanting to shop for anything and everything, and wanting to shoot photos in sunlight.

Because none of those three desires are capable of realities right now, I’ve ventured down the path of re-editing some old photos instead. I love re-editing old photos. Taking your old favourites and giving them new life — it’s just so inspiring for the months ahead. Lightroom’s “Versions” feature makes it super easy to fool around on all your favourite photos from the past.

I’ve used my favourite photographer on the planet, Marcus Lloyd, as recent inspiration. There’s zero chance I can replicate his style. I’m not even sure if he has a “style” — it could well be that his photos are only minimally edited, but in a very particular way. You can find Lloyd’s work on his personal site, Exposure, and Youtube. I especially liked his video on shooting portraits with the Leica Q. His work is stunning and incredible.

Here are a few attempts I’ve made at making a simpler edit at some older favourite or fun photos. Off the top, I’m sure I’ve failed — you can see how Lloyd’s photos are all shot with lots of depth of field. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays around with exposure compensation to ensure he captures for highlights as well. Just a guess though.

Lake Louise in the early morning.
Moraine Lake, but looking the opposite direction of where you normally view Moraine Lake.
Emryn is now 5 years old and in kindergarten! How time flies.
Johnston Canyon.
Banff, Alberta, Canada.

I can’t wait for summer to arrive to get outside and try some new ideas. (I would recommend turning off The Newsprint's dark mode to better view the photos above; the dark mode nicely mutes colours to be easier on the eyes at night, but also mutes the best colours in each of these photos. Click the little switch at the very top of the site.)