A few weeks back, I wrote up a rebuttal to Mike Schmitz’s piece about turning Obsidian into the perfect writing app. I love to say great minds think alike, but this was a misfire — Mike and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum here.

To each their own.

These days — and perhaps forevermore — I am doing all my writing inside Ulysses. The writing environment is clean and distraction-free. I really like the current design ethos. The app has a range of blogging workflows built in and there are even writing-improvement features like grammar and style checks.

My Ulysses writing workflow isn’t particularly in-depth or state-of-the-art. But it is a kanban-style workflow built with folders. Ideas and link-post captures make their way into the Inbox. Pieces I want to write enter the On Deck phase. Actual writing and editing have their own folders. Anything I’m ready to publish hits the Publish folder. And every published piece hits one giant Archive.

It’s plain, simple, and easy to put me into my writing.

If you want to read more about the workflow, head over to The Sweet Setup and check it out.

There’s so much fun writing, productivity, and knowledge work hitting The Sweet Setup airwaves these days. If you have any inkling at all to better manage your creativity and productivity, I will gently guide toward the TSS blogroll.