Public profiles are now available for Glass users. In your personal settings in the app, you can turn on your Glass public profile. Once turned on, all your posted photos are available at If you hover over the photos in the public profile, you can see the commentary provided for each photo.

Public profiles also have their own RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to that if you don’t want to miss a photographer’s post.

This is a neat way to implement a public profile. You can choose if you want to enable it or not. The public webpage is very modern and simple to use. And all social networking features are kept within the Glass app and only for paying customers.

I’ll likely continue posting my Glass photos to The Newsprint in the short-term. But if you’d prefer to see the latest photos I post there, feel free to head over to my public profile and add it to your RSS feed.

I’ve moved away recently from three-photo photosets in Glass. This Venice photoset is one of the last ones.

I’ve added an extra photo here for good measure. (I saw it in Lightroom while exporting the others and thought I should include it.)

Venice, Italy — June 2016