I know the iPhone 13 Pro is all the rage right now. I just received mine yesterday. It has been a test of my patience. I failed the test of course.

But last year was worse. Last year, iPhone 12 Pro review photos were shot in the freezing cold late October weather.

These three photos were my favourites from that first impressions review on The Sweet Setup. I’ve long felt this was some of my best photographic work in seven years with Blanc Media.

I think I’ve done better work ever since. We’ll have to dive into that another day.

There’ll be some iPhone 13 Pro photography to hit this page eventually. For now, here are some fashion-like photos of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue for The Sweet Setup.
My wife was very, very frustrated with me for making her the model of this shoot. Turns out, it turned out well.