OK, it’s done. The least meaningful election in our nation’s history is over and we can get back to fighting this pandemic. What an enormous waste of time.

We, as taxpayers, collectively spent $610 million on this election to ensure Mr. Trudeau could gain a single seat over what he won in 2019.

That’s $610 million that could have been put towards transfer payments for ICU beds, or clean drinking water, or a steaming housing crisis. Instead, we had to stomach 3 mainstream politicians make promises they can’t keep for 5 straight weeks.

Now, $610 million is probably an eye roll and giggle for my American friends. The 2020 American election cost a whopping $14 billion. We’d need to have an election every 6 weeks to catch that rate of spending.

But this doesn’t change the fact that our time was wasted. That there are bigger things to worry about. That our governing bodies are effectively unchanged from the middle of August when the election was called.

Our prime minister’s vanity election is over. Canadians slapped his wrist for calling such a stupid election. Canadians slapped the Conservatives for forgetting their conservative roots. And Canadians proved they are looking for an alternative to the two mainstream parties — Jagmeet Singh’s performance may be the most intriguing element of this election, while the PPC’s vote-splitting tactics effectively wiped out any Conservative chance at victory.

I’m glad we’re finished with the charade. It’s time to get back to work to ensure this pandemic ends before the next election is called.