The introduction of a new photography social network introduces the opportunity to share your favourite photographs from the past. It also introduces the opportunity to curate your timeline with a fresh start.

I threw the second introduction to the wind — you’ll find all sorts of photography on my Glass profile so far. No curation going on here. Simply my favourite photos.

The Planck EZ is my daily driver keyboard at the office. It's small. There aren't many keys. But after a few months of practice, I've found it to be more powerful than any other keyboard I've tried. (Shot for The Sweet Setup.)
I continue to use Craft to track my daily work and for longer form note-taking. (Shot for The Sweet Setup.)
The iPad Magic Keyboard continues to house my M1 iPad Pro. Aside from the Planck EZ, the Magic Keyboard is my favourite keyboard for longform writing. (Shot for The Sweet Setup.)

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