I have been a Things 3 user since the day the app was updated to Version 3.0. It’s housed years and years of tasks, projects, assignments, and more. I think it’s the best Get-Things-Done productivity app out there, for sure. And it’s even a one-time payment, ensuring it’s one of the least expensive options available right now.

My first day of time-blocking went very smooth. This is a work-in-progress, but there must be something to time-blocking given how popular it is with other folks.

But I’m going to give something a shot for at least a few weeks: I’m going to run my entire productivity system through Fantastical. Fantastical’s Reminders integration is quite smooth, allowing for all due dates to show up somewhere in your calendar or event list. And Reminders is integrated into many, many other apps — such as Spark for email, allowing you to quickly create an email as a task inside Reminders, which automatically sends it over to Fantastical.

I’m also intrigued with the idea of time-blocking — something my colleagues at The Sweet Setup are likely giving me a “Finally!” over. The Fantastical subscription provides quick use of event templates, which should be perfect for time-blocking throughout the week.

Also, proposed event times should be a boon come tax season next year.

This may act as a precursor to some further discussion on The Sweet Setup. Or not — depends on if it’ll stick.