Photo taken for The Sweet Setup's Calm Inbox email course.

OK, OK — if you put me in a corner and told me to pick my favourite “computer” ever, it would be probably be the new M1 MacBook Air. A “computer”, to most people, is that old “screen-plus-keyboard-plus-trackpad” combo. Backed in a corner, I’m not about to get into an argument about whether the iPad is a “real computer” and I'll just state the M1 MacBook Air is my favourite to get you off my back.

But let's be serious — the iPad is totally a real computer. It's totally a full computer. It's totally a serious computer.

And it's my actual favourite computer ever.

Apple has an event tomorrow and is bound to present a new iPad for the world to see. I’m rocking the 2020 11-inch iPad Pro — a minor upgrade over the 2018 iPad Pro with a few new cameras and a slightly modified chip, if memory serves. For all intents and purposes, the 2018 iPad Pro is one of the best, longest serving, and highest bang-for-your-buck computers Apple has ever released.

Photo taken for The Sweet Setup's Calm Inbox email course.

It wouldn’t be complete without the Magic Keyboard, of course. When the Magic Keyboard first debuted in Apple’s first COVID-keynote, I was skeptical of the keyboard’s price (we were all skeptical). Weight, price, and design all factored into what was a semi-apprehensive purchase.

But the Magic Keyboard is probably the best iPad accessory I’ve ever purchased. If you got rid of the oil-magnet poly-crap cover material, it’d be a perfect product. (I could also do for an function key row, but I’ve gotten quite used to the “CMD + .“ shortcut to escape.)

Combine the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro with the best iPad accessory ever released and you’re bound to find more than a few fans.

I look over at my 2020 iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard fondly — it’s the computer I have with me most often, the computer I turn to most often, and the computer I have the most fun with.

Photo taken for The Sweet Setup's Calm Inbox email course.

Tomorrow may very well be the end of the road for this iPad and Magic Keyboard.

It may also be just a momentary lapse of lust on my end — there’s not too much Apple could release that would make me turn my back on this iPad.

Regardless, it’s been a good run — the iPad and Magic Keyboard computer combo is my favourite computer so far.

And that’s saying something, given my fondness to the M1 MacBook Air.