If you go way, way back in The Newsprint’s archives, you’ll note a prior switchover to Ghost in years past.

I remember when Ghost first launched as a not-for-profit. The editor was great, the writing interface was calm and easy to use, the post preview was great, and many of Ghost’s best simple themes stood as inspiration for what you can find today.

Eventually, Ghost became too much for me. I can’t remember if it was money, or if it was curiosity, or if it was boredom — eventually I moved away The Newsprint away from Ghost and settled on something static. I haven’t changed The Newsprint’s back-end in a very long-time (likely 10x the survival rate of the second longest-living platform in Newsprint history).

Recently though, Ghost 4.0 debuted with some newsletter-specific features that I felt I had to try. Given Toonie’s relative infancy, I felt like a Toonie switch was more appropriate than a Newsprint switch. Plus, I was itching to try something new.

So, despite just starting Toonie Newsletter on Substack, I’ve moved Toonie off of Substack and onto Ghost. There are multiple reasons for this (beyond the cool new Ghost 4.0 features) and I hope readers enjoy the changes in the process. I can now more easily develop a paid newsletter, more easily track the current membership, and (I think) more easily publish free vs. paid material. If Toonie ever grows into something, Ghost seems like a more appropriate platform than Substack at the moment.

But, gone are many of Substack’s best features — simplicity, free (if you’re cheapie like me), and the social community behind it. I haven’t propped up Toonie on Ghost much at all, so it’s somewhat hard to compare, but organic signups on Substack have been pretty good and I haven’t seen a whole lot of new members after the Ghost switch.

Here are the latest Toonie newsletters published on the Ghost platform:

The other major change: Toonie now has an appropriate home. Toonie can now be found at https://toonie.news, a simple and easy to remember URL that I think most people will be able to spell.

I don’t know if Toonie is going to go anywhere — I have published something almost every week since September, right through a difficult CPA course and through tax season. Most importantly, I enjoy writing Toonie each week. I enjoy teaching folks new things and I enjoy the feedback I get from readers. If this continues, I don’t see why Toonie wouldn’t continue to grow on Ghost.

So if you feel like checking Toonie out for the first time, head over to Toonie.News and start a free membership. There’s a solid thought archive already and a variety of perusals over the last six or seven months to give you an idea of what Toonie is all about.

As always, thank you goes out to Josiah and Marius for the help in the Toonie transition. I have a supremely talented group of friends who constantly take care of me.