It appears I ran into Father Time when it comes to my RSS hosting service of choice. The Newsprint’s RSS feed has been hosted by Feedpress since day one, all the way back in 2014 or sometime around there. Since then, Feedpress has gone one way and the blogging industry has gone another.

As a result, my grandfathered RSS account expired with Feedpress in the last few weeks. And nobody has been receiving any RSS updates since.

Today, The Newsprint is debuting a new RSS feed hosted by Feedio. Feedio has loads of neat features, and the free tier may be one of the most generous free tiers around.

One of those neat features is the ability to subscribe to this site via email instead of RSS. With my newfound love of email (specifically, HEY email), I thought this was a feature worth having. And it indeed has me pondering what a Newsprint Newsletter would look like.

You can find the new RSS feed right here and you can subscribe any way you’d like.

I anticipate I’m going to lose a plethora of subscribers by having to do this. But there’s nothing quite like a fresh start!