Everyone has thoughts about this whole thing. You kind of have to — in some shape or form, it feels like this virus has affected every person on the planet. If not, the number has to be 6 billion of us, at least.

I also don’t want to be the 10 billionth person to chime in on things. Eventually, these thoughts will be useless and eyeballs will glaze over.

For now though, since The Newsprint is kind of my public journal, I’d like to document a few things:

  • It’s very refreshing having a common problem for the whole world to fight against. No partisan politics on this one. Nobody to blame. We can pick someone to blame, but so far that has been mostly commonly denounced. For once, I find myself nodding my head in agreement with most of the stuff I find in the media and in social media.
  • It’s such a blessing to know this virus doesn’t really target children. Which isn’t to say “Hooray, get rid of the old people!” (Because remember, this isn’t political.) No, it’s just so good to know that our beautiful children are mostly safe and sound on this one. I can only imagine the horror if this affected children the way it affects the elderly.
  • I find it somewhat relieving knowing there isn’t something on the calendar every evening of the week right now. My exam is cancelled, so no study. Hockey is cancelled, so no supervising or watching playoff games on TV. Baseball is cancelled, so no practicing in the gym on Sundays (though I do want to break in a new glove). So I have lots of time to dedicate to my girls, to relax after a long day of work, and heck, maybe even to write a bit.
  • I still think there’s more grace to be had out there. I’ve read numerous tweets calling out those who are gathering in public places and in larger groups — vitriol such as “non-empathic, cowardly, arrogant, self-serving” has been thrown at these people. I think, if they’re gathering in large groups, it’s more a sign of how COVID-19 is affecting (or not affecting) their lives, and not a sign of the person’s qualities. Be patient and most people will come around.
  • It’s a lot easier to listen to those in positions of authority right now than it is to question every decision made, complain about the limitations, and to shout critiques from the stands. We have to assume everyone’s intentions are good, but that mistakes will be made along the way.
  • “Be patient”, he says! Aha! Josh is wrong. The WHO specialist said we have to be speedy, after all. Of course he’s right. But I do believe a moment or two of patience, breath, and wisdom can go a long way in times of panic. Meditation and prayer have gone a long, long way in the last week.
  • And finally, speaking of prayer: I’m so, so thankful to believe in a God that takes away fear.

Just a smattering for now. I’d like to keep things fairly positive going forward. It’s hard to get up and face the day right now, especially considering the only thing you can rely on is instability.

Hug those little ones extra tight and find glass-half-full moments wherever you can.