Matt Birchler coming to the defence of the iPad after all the hot-takes on the iPad’s 10th anniversary:

Most people get maybe 2% of the potential of their Macs and Windows PCs today. Have you watched most people use a computer laterly [sic]? Most people I see have all apps in full screen all the time, no matter how big their screen is. Most people I see use keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste, opening new tabs, but basically nothing else.

My two cents: I get to train new accountants/bookkeepers for businesses all the time. Most of these young workers don’t have a clue how to navigate through Windows with anything other than point and click. Alt + Tab is foreign to them. Most don’t know that you can use two fingers to scroll on a trackpad. Even fewer know how to use Page Up and Page Down for moving between tabs and sheets. I’ll get comments that I’m a wizard with how fast I navigate through the software, and I know I’m really not.

I don’t know if the “unintuitiveness” of the iPad is entirely fair. Sure, it may be inconsistent. But I think there’s an overall misunderstanding of how enlightened many people are on laptop OSes these days.