I find Peter McKinnon so enthralling. And at 4.2 million Youtube subscribers, I’m not the only one.

In short, Peter McKinnon’s channel is about Peter McKinnon. He has different interests, different things he wants to talk about, and different things he wants to explore. You’ll find photography tutorials, cinema tutorials, travel videos, everyday carry videos — you name it, if Peter is interested, he’s vlogged about it.

I genuinely appreciate his attitude on this topic — setting up arbitrary parameters about things you can and can’t create only stymies creativity. So yeah, I may not like all of Peter’s videos, but I think I watch his videos to watch him, not the topic at hand.

This is effectively the crossroads I’ve been at with The Newsprint for quite some time. How do I reconcile the drive to discuss money and finances, Star Wars, photography, travel, hockey, baseball, faith, Bibles, bags, and more, all on one blog? I felt especially silly in the month of November, as I had no direction whatsoever in the things I was publishing.

Apparently I don’t have to feel guilty about that non-directional approach. And it’s so relieving.

I started The Newsprint in what felt like a golden era of blogging — I had friends who quit their jobs to blog on the hopes their blog could make it as their future career. In some cases, it panned out. In some cases, it didn’t. The very fact it could work out was an incredible achievement of that time.

I don’t know if the field is as ripe for that type of blog today. I could be wrong, but in the world of video and social media, it feels like these small blogs are a long-shot from ever earning the kind of money necessary to feed your family.

And so, if those rules have changed today, then it’s only fair to change those arbitrary posting parameters as well.

Gone are the days where I feel weird posting a Bible review on one day and then a list of Star Wars predictions the next. Gone are the days where I feel odd talking about money and finances.

I’m going to write and post things that interest me. Things I like. Things I’m trying my hand at.

And if anyone has an issue, then, well, I’m going to take Peter’s attitude on the manner.

Take #1 — here are a bunch of old photos you’ve likely seen before, but with a new edit. This new edit is a personal preset I’ve been developing of my own. There are sure to be tweaks along the way, but I like how it renders everything from landscapes and cityscapes to skin tones and foliage.

Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to a happy, blessed, and prosperous 2020.