I haven’t been one to point at my work over on The Sweet Setup in quite some time. The Newsprint went almost dormant for a little while there, but I still pounded out thousands and thousands of words at The Sweet Setup. If for some reason you’re ever curious about where I am, you can probably look at The Sweet Setup to find out.

This past week, I reviewed the Twelve South HiRise Pro Stand and the Twelve South BackPack — two awesome products that have greatly improved my home setup. The BackPack has moved my LaCie D2 Thunderbolt drive up and behind my iMac, while the HiRise Pro has boosted the iMac to new, more comfortable heights.

There’s also something particularly alluring about the walnut facade of the HiRise Pro. In my review, I talk about how the HiRise Pro wasn’t exactly my aesthetic cup of tea. But I’m a sucker for walnut and this HiRise Pro look has really grown on me.

Head over to The Sweet Setup to read the entire review and to take in all the photos. The ones shown here (among others) are some of my favourites.