I’ve gone down a bit of a rabbit hole on the Canon EOS-R and RF mount. There are some shortcomings in the camera, to be sure, but there are a lot of really impressive, eyebrow-raising features that have caught my eye.

One thing led to another and I found myself down the rabbit hole of Peter McKinnon’s YouTube channel. The guy is simply a masterful YouTuber, with some of the most entertaining photography videos anywhere on the planet. His EOS-R review was awesome.

And that led me to his Bucket Shot video. In fact, per his EOS-R review, he shot most of the Bucket Shot video with the EOS-R. When professionals like Peter (amongst others) give a camera like the EOS-R a review like that, it speaks volumes to me.

A personal anecdote about Peter’s Bucket Shot video: Jaclyn, Emryn, and I actually happened to be at Moraine Lake in the second week of September 2018 — right around the time Peter shot this amazing video. There were a bunch of forest fires in the region, so there was a lot of smoke and fog covering both Moraine and Lake Louise. Here’s what Moraine looked like just before Peter shot this video:

Fortunately for Peter — and for his massive audience — the smoke and fog subsided. And the result was this amazing photo. Of all the stunners of Moraine Lake, this one will rank right up there.

Check out the entire video, and then do the deep dive on McKinnon’s channel. There’s so much gold in there.