Fortunately for photographers, photography is art. There’s no right or wrong way to shoot a photo and, for the most part, there’s really no wrong way to edit a photo either. If the final product speaks to you, then you’ve succeeded.

I do admit though, I find the work of other photographers more pleasing than my own. The grass is always greener on the other side, at least for me.

Here are three photographers I’ve taken to recently. There’s so much going on in each of these artist’s work, from unique looks and edits to unique compositions and lightings.

Note: I’d put photos of each individual’s work here, but I have a strict “My Photos Only” rule here on The Newsprint. You’ll have to click each link to see their work. But trust me — you’ll want to click those links anyway.

Chelsea Ruggiero

I discovered Chelsea’s work through Rebecca Patience’s Pro Set VI highlights, and I’m ashamed it took me so long to provide praise for Chelsea’s work. Chelsea’s work is stunning — from wonderfully soft and calming colours to jaw dropping travel compositions you have to see to believe.

And Chelsea’s partner — Sam Nute — is equally up to the challenge. This may be one of the most photographically talented couples anywhere on the internet right now.

Don’t forget to check out Chelsea’s Instagram page as well.

Jake Debruyckere

Another Rebecca Patience followee, Jake’s work on Instagram is fantastic. If I had to pick one aspect of Jake’s work to praise, it’d be his colour palette — I’m obsessed with his ability to nail colour and his ability to catch that golden light. And when it’s super bright outside, he still finds a way to dial down the white light to produce something serene.

Check out Jake’s work on Instagram.

Steph Penner

Steph is a local photographer here in Southern Manitoba who has really set herself apart in terms of style and skill. Her ability to showcase couples on their wedding day is second-to-none around here, and I’d love to be able to shoot something remotely close to her quality.

According to her portfolio page, Steph has shot weddings in Southern Manitoba and as far away as Norway. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer (or know someone who is looking for a wedding photographer), Steph is who I’d recommend.

Steph goes by Stefunny on Instagram.