It’s funny — my credit card gets hit with a bunch of annual blog-related subscriptions during November and December each year. Squarespace and Hoefler’s cloud photography subscription both hit, as well as all my domain renewals. Historically then, this is the most creative time of the year for me.

2019 appears to be no different. I’ve discontinued my Squarespace site in favour of Adobe’s own Portfolio service. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you have Portfolio access built into your subscription. Unlimited pages, unlimited galleries, and direct Lightroom integration make it a near no-brainer portfolio platform, and I’m especially fond of the ability to create individual pages rather than have less-controllable galleries.

My transition over to Portfolio is a big work-in-progress, but I figured I’d give it a shout-out after adding a few of these photos earlier today:

If you’re looking to cut down on subscription overload and if you use Squarespace as a portfolio platform like I was, I couldn’t recommend Adobe Portfolio enough. It comes with your obligatory Adobe subscription and the built-in features make it super easy to use. Squarespace is an awesome platform, but it was too expensive for my minimal needs.

Head over to my new portfolio page to see it all.