{% include image.html img=”https://static.thenewsprint.co/media/2019/09/Cavalier-August-2019-1.jpeg” title=”Cavalier August 2019” caption=”Despite little going on on this blog, the camera has been fairly active this summer.” %}

Every single year, Cavalier’s Icelandic State Park promises hot weather. This summer was no exception — with temperatures hovering in the high 30s with humidity (low 100s for my imperial system readers), Cavalier roasted our poor skin.

Conversely, the campground at Icelandic State Park is treed in such a way as to provide fantastic light for shooting photographs. Rain or shine, that campground seems to produce our favourite family photos each summer.

And as our little girl grows older (and as she develops more — what’s the word — “personality”), it’s these photos we keep coming back to time and again.