{% include image.html img=”https://static.thenewsprint.co/media/2019/01/Shot-on-iPhone-8.jpg” title=”Shot on iPhone” caption=”I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what the iPhone can do, if you put your photographic mind to it.” %}

I’m by no means a professional iPhone photographer, nor do I have a chance at winning Apple’s #shotoniphone campaign. There are some impressive works of art shot with the iPhone’s ever-improving camera, and the bar continues to get higher every year.

I admit to being a relative non-believer in the iPhone camera. I never publish iPhone photos, mostly for two reasons: I am horrible with the 28mm focal length and I generally haven’t liked the result of any edits I’ve made. I don’t like the in-camera processing, have very little use for the overall colour and look of iPhone photos, and find shooting with the iPhone an ergonomic nightmare (especially the larger XS Max).

For the sake of experiment, I jumped into Darkroom for iPhone and iPad to see if I could make something — anything — shot with my iPhone look reasonably good.

These are the results. They aren’t perfect. They aren’t amazing. And they look a lot like the photos shot with the Fuji back in September.

Coming out of the experiment, I think I’m going to give the iPhone camera another shot. My goal is to be more mindful of what I’m shooting with the iPhone, rather than use the iPhone for simple snapshots. And more than anything, I think I’m going to start sharing iPhone photos — I always vowed I’d only share photos shot with a real camera.

Well, the camera on the back iPhone is very, very real.

Just took me a while to realize it.