In my early new year blogging phase, I’ve vowed to delve further into one of my latest obsessions: men’s fashion. Not Nose-in-the-Air sort of fashion. Just how to dress properly for the occasion.

I admit though, my experience in this arena is embarrassingly little. I figured I’d embark on the path and document my research along the way.

For my usual contexts and occasions, it seemed the most fitting first rabbit hole to jump into was sport coats. As the folks at the Art of Manliness put it:

Few garments in a wardrobe can transform a man like a handsome sports jacket.  Slipping it on over a dress shirt instantly changes how strangers perceive you.  It can provide the right balance of professionalism in an environment where a suit would be overkill, and depending on the fabric and style can adapt itself to multiple situations.

I’ve bought a few sport jackets this year, using the linked article as my guide for the first four to purchase. I went about it in a different order than the article recommends, but it’s amazing how many occasions are covered by the four sport coat styles recommended.

Since then, I’ve found some well-designed and very reasonably priced sport coats made here in Canada. My next purchase will almost certainly be from Spier & Mackay in Toronto, as the quality of fabrics for the price look to be a great combination for building out a collection.

If you need to build out your professional wardrobe, or just want to look dapper on a more regular basis, be sure to grab at least one of the recommended sport jackets in this article.