{% include image.html img=”https://static.thenewsprint.co/media/2018/11/MacBook-Air-4.jpeg” title=”MacBook Air” caption=”The 2018 MacBook Air is one of the most fun computers I’ve ever had the chance to use.” %}

My review of the brand new MacBook Air hit the airwaves on The Sweet Setup this week, and I’m particularly proud of how a few parts of this review turned out.

For one, the computer is great. The new MacBook Air is one of the most fun notebooks I’ve ever used. It’s super portable, great to type on, has phenomenal battery life, and has surprisingly good performance for an efficient chip. This should be the default notebook purchase for students and those who are looking for a general purpose Mac.

Second, there are a few overhead photos in this review which would be in my portfolio (if I had a portfolio of product shots).

Head over to The Sweet Setup to read the full review and to check out the full slate of photos.