Matt’s Apple Watch Series 4 impressions have me extra annoyed that mine didn’t arrive on Friday.

His thoughts on the new sizes:

I got all hyped up by a few watch people who had me convinced the difference between 42mm and 44mm watches was significant. Maybe for some people it is, but I personally don’t find the 44mm watch to feel any bigger on my wrist than the old 42mm ones. Yes, it looks a bit different, but I find the new shape to be far more noticeable than the extra 2mm in vertical height. I waffled back and forth about whether to get the 40 or 44mm models this year, and I’m supremely happy to have gone with the bigger one again.

Be sure to head through to see Matt’s comparison photos. I’ve talked to some people who are on the fence about which size to get, but it appears the decision comes down to almost the same considerations as the prior three Apple Watch generations.