Last weekend, Jaclyn, Emryn, and I spent five days in Banff, Alberta. Despite having traveled to every province in Canada except for Newfoundland, it was a shame it took me so long to visit the Rockies.

I’ll have a full-on photo story come down the pipe sometime in the near future, but I found this link particularly humorous. We departed the hotel at 5:00AM one morning (with a 9.5-month old baby!) and made the hour-plus trek to Moraine Lake to see the sunrise on Canada’s most famous mountain lake. Here’s a panorama of our view that morning:

Of course, our efforts were for naught — the sunrise was hardly visible and we were left with a cloudy sky and seriously blue water.

But just this past week, those same mountains were covered in snow.

I’m not sure which scene is more beautiful. I kind of wish we had been there for the glacial switchover.