Oh snap!

Over the last few months, the team at The Sweet Setup has been working on all things mobile photography. Shawn’s Leica Q purchase from a few months ago kicked off a new mobile photography theme that spread across the entire team.

Today, with the help of Marius Masalar, Erin Brooks, and Austin Mann (to name a few), we’ve brought what we’ve learned to a full-fledged mobile photography course.

Inside are tips on composition, tips to understanding light, and what to look for when editing. There are also numerous iOS photo app tutorials, a gear guide, a guide on how to show your work, and so much more.

We’re particularly proud of this course. There’s so much great information inside that’s sure to help anybody’s iPhone photos improve 1000%.

Just look at this transformation. Erin’s an amazing photographer, so having a chance to delve into her process is a chance in a lifetime. This photo was shot and edited entirely on the iPhone.

I’m done my sales pitch. I’ve learned a ton in each contributor’s screencasts and have noticed changes in my own workflow since the course was put together. There’s always something new to learn.