Nick Heer:

Apart from Apple employees, nobody is actually going to pronounce it “ten-arr”; likewise, most people are probably going to say “excess” rather than “ten-ess”. Also, it turns out that the “R” — and “S”, for that matter, in “iPhone XS” — is neither uppercase nor lowercase but, rather, small caps, because Apple’s marketing team apparently hates everyone who writes about their products. They will be “XS” and “XR” here.

I laughed a little at this one. I just went through the process of buying a truck and these “XS” and “XR” names remind me of the acronyms used in the vehicle world. “The 2018 Ford F-150 with the XTR package” sort of thing. For that matter, it would be beneficial for Apple to just adopt car-naming schemes if they’re going to release new models each year.

I’m going to return to the Plus-sized — er, Max-sized — iPhones this time around. And Silver, like always, if you have to ask.

Also from Heer:

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m sold on this new one [the Apple Watch Series 4]. It is to the Apple Watch what the iPhone 4 is to the history of that product: a culmination of several years of learning, and leaving everything else in the dust.

I was an Apple Watch denier at first. When I tested and reviewed the Series 2, I fell in love with the device but returned it knowing I’d have a hard time updating a $1,000 watch each year.

But this year, it’s no holds bar. I’m ordering a stainless steel 44mm Series 4 watch at the earliest hours of Friday morning and I don’t think I’m going to look back.

It’s just too dang pretty.