Christopher Malcolm writing for Fstoppers:

All this is to explain my recent purchase of a Fuji X-T2. There was no particular business reason I needed another camera. I absolutely love the image quality and features of my Nikon D850. The files are gorgeous. It provides the necessary resolution and sharpness my clients need to print at larger sizes or crop in and retain detail. The 4K video is amazing. And paired with the aforementioned 24-70mm f2.8, the autofocus is lightning fast. It is everything I need professionally from a camera and more. I love you, Nikon. Keep it going.
The Fuji XT2, on the other hand, is a crop sensor. It’s 24MP pale in comparison to the 46MP pumped out by my Nikon. And even tethering to Capture One, a necessity for my personal workflow in most situations, requires a workaround since Fuji is not natively supported on the platform.
So, on paper, there is absolutely no reason why I should buy a Fuji X-T2. Well, except for one somewhat less objective reason. The darn thing is just fun.

I couldn’t say it better myself.

I’ve had more fun shooting photos in the last three days than I did throughout my ownership of the Sony a7II. Nothing against the a7II, but I bought that camera for work purposes and it never graduated into the realm of fun photography.

The X-T2, on the other hand, was purchased for fun.

It just happens to fulfill my work needs as well.