{% include image.html img=”https://static.thenewsprint.co/media/2018/07/Fuji-Greens-2.jpg” title=”Fuji Greens” caption=”There’s something particularly special about Fuji’s green rendering. Foliage truly comes to life, no matter the preset you apply afterwards in Lightroom.” %}

The latest Fuji X-T2 deals were too good to ignore this past week, so I pounced on the opportunity to downsize my kit. The Sony a7II served its purpose for my nearly three years of ownership and I still think the Sony system is where most professionals should focus their attention in the years to come. I, however, am no professional, so the latest offerings from Fuji will serve Jaclyn’s and my needs just fine.

First impressions are fleeting, but all we see in our first few hundred actuations is green. Those Fuji greens are a very real thing. I’m convinced the EVF and back LCD screen have a Fuji preset overlaid to make all greens seem more saturated than when they hit the MacBook Pro screen. Everything seems so wonderfully magical in the viewfinder, only to be somewhat of a letdown in Lightroom later on.

Whatever the case, I’m excited to embark on a new photographic journey. It’s been a blast shooting with the Fuji X-T2 and 23mm f/2 lens over the last three days — we’ve shot more photos in the last three days than we shot in the last six months.