I was tasked with writing an article on how I use Day One to journal. As I brainstormed for a unique angle, I realized I use Day One in about as generic a way as possible: journal entries with attached photos of my six-month-old daughter, quick journal entries to capture my travels, or lengthier journal entries when inspiration really hits.

There’s nothing too exciting about my Day One usage.

So I figured it’d be more interesting to delve further into how Day One fits into my little “information workflow” instead. By and large, that workflow revolves around and within Bear. Day One is an end game for bits and pieces of the information I consume on a daily basis, but tons and tons of other stuff flows throw Bear to get to Day One.

Here’s the workflow:

Thanks to the wonderful implementation of URL schemes across the board for the most powerful apps on macOS and iOS, this entire workflow can be connected and quickly referenced, no matter the topic.

For a deeper understanding, head over to The Sweet Setup.

While you’re there, be sure to check out our revamped Day One in Depth course. Day One in Depth was originally an eBook, but Shawn and the rest of the team have rebuilt the eBook from the ground up as a course. The value in these courses — especially if you’re new to the app — is invaluable. Give it a quick peek if you’re looking to improve your journaling habit, looking for inspiration, or looking to get more out of one of the best apps in App Store history.