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I’ll go out on a limb and say there is a stigma attached to parents who say they don’t enjoy parenting. The first reaction I get when I tell anyone I’m not full of abundant, glowing joy each time I have to get up at night to calm a screaming child kind of tells the story. Or the way other new mothers react when Jaclyn says she’s still struggling to get even half a regular night of sleep due to a little one that wants to eat every three to four hours. It’s almost as if the struggles of early parenthood are to be embraced to the point of delusional happiness.

The fact of the matter is this: Yes, our little one’s face first thing in the morning lightens our world and helps push us through the day. But we need to be pushed through the day — be it due to utter fatigue, never-ending cluelessness on how to handle the next new situation, or just a general tiredness of screaming, shrieking, and crying, parenting, so far, has not been “fun”. I dread the thought of wanting to do this two more times.

If I’m a terrible dad for saying that, fine. I’ll work on getting better. Our struggles now are likely never getting in the way of growing our family. And there’s nothing saying the next child will be the same.

But I’m not “enjoying” these early days.

I’m quite excited for this stage to end. It was a pretty rough week.

There were some incredible pieces to hit the net this week. Pieces that probably require link posts of their own.

Take Serenity Caldwell’s 2018 iPad review, for example. She shot, composed, edited, and published the video review entirely on the new iPad. The artwork, penmanship, and overall creativity level for this review has pushed iPad reviews to new heights. Absolutely incredible work.

Or take Isaac Smith’s Frontier Journal. Isaac’s journal on adventure and fun endeavours is an awesome display of great photography, great prose, and a sense of calm. Phenomenal work, Isaac.

And the wild story of Symphony of the Seas is sure to push your opulence awareness to new levels. Crazy.

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.