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I’m part of a large group of people across this great country — and the world, for that matter — who are taking this Humboldt Broncos tragedy with difficulty. Craig Button on TSN remarked how a tragedy like this can hit so close to home for so many people thanks to how we’re all brought up in Western Canada — the arena is the lifeblood of so many rural Canadian communities, and so many of us have experienced the multi-hour road trip on a bus to a tournament or playoff game. When you step on that bus, you only have dreams of playing in the NHL, not your life coming to a tragic end.

I’ve caught myself crying three or four times this weekend, only to remedy the mourning by hugging my little girl a little tighter.

To all those families affected in the tragedy: The only words I can pass on are that the world is thinking of you and praying for you. Find solace in your loved ones, in your prayers and devotions, and in God.

To all those first responders, who undoubtedly experienced the worst day of their careers: My hat goes off to you for your courage.

To all those media, journalists, and reporters who have handled the tragedy with grace, compassion, and dignity: Thank you for giving life to the victim’s stories, and thank you for not making it political. Just once, it’s refreshing to hear the outpouring of love for the lost, rather than hear vitriol thrown from one side of the spectrum to the other.

The hockey community is one of the very best, and despite the horrific tragedy, the community’s finest have shone once again.

It’s been quiet around here recently. As a result, I’m going to bombard you with a whack of interesting links I found during the week that were all slated to hit Fresh Links at some point in time.

As always, I appreciate your attention and patience. Like the hockey community, the blogging community is a joy to be a part of.

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.