I’ve read a few tweets of people re-watching The Last Jedi and coming away happier with the movie. Yet, I’ve now watched the film three times and I’ve come away more disappointed each time.

I feel like the relationship between Rey and Luke was rushed, awkward, and forced. I still struggle with the entire story line (that of a cruiser outrunning a Star Destroyer while two or three main characters find the “master code breaker” (what???)). And I still feel lukewarm on Luke drinking blue milk from that sea cow.

However, every scene between Rey and Ren (Ridley and Driver) seems to get better with a re-watch. Their chemistry and ever-changing relationship really thrive in The Last Jedi and I can’t get enough of the scenes where they interact telekinetically.

If Episode 9 was a single 2.5 hour scene where the camera didn’t move away from Ren or Rey, I’d be a happy camper.