Things 3.4 dropped today, and with it came a huge URL scheme perfect for creating all sorts of automations on your iOS devices. It also comes with new JSON support for scripting all sorts of automations on your Mac — the coolest of which (in my opinion) is the ability to create project templates, complete with headers and all.

We’ve been digging into all things Things — or all the things in Things? — on The Sweet Setup recently, so it was only natural to jump into this new URL scheme as well.

Fortunately, I know Matt Cassinelli.

Matt used to be part of the Workflow team before it was acquired by Apple. Matt wrote all the Workflow documentation and FAQs for the app’s website, so he quickly became a Workflow wizard. When Matt caught word of the new Things URL scheme support, he jumped in with both feet and both hands.

The result was a 7,000 word guide on how to get started using Things’ new URL scheme. This guide talks about ways to utilize Launcher, Launch Center Pro, Workflow, Drafts, Bear, and Ulysses to automate alongside Things to get you from Point A to Point B quicker than ever. And best of all, the guide is written with dummies like me in mind — Workflow generally makes my eyes glaze over, but Matt has found a way to keep even me interested.

Matt includes a plethora of screenshots and even a video of a workflow he created to take a checklist in Drafts and send it to Things as a project, to Bear as a note repository, and to Ulysses as a group of sheets ready for action. The possibilities are increasingly endless.

If The Sweet Setup’s guide isn’t enough, there are a bunch of great articles to read about the latest automation possibilities in Things, like this one from MacStories.

We should deem today as the great Workflow Wednesday. That’s a better name than Hump Day, if you ask me.