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Last week, I mentioned the difficult time of the year it can be for those with poor health, and for those families dealing with the poor health of a loved one. I said that knowing my grandmother was in her final days.

Last Sunday, we said goodbye to my grandmother. She was one of those classic grandmothers: short in height, thick and white curly hair, and endlessly worried about there being enough food on the table. She was the mother of 8 children, 30+ grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and a wife of nearly 65 years. One of her favourite memories was going to see King George VI when he visited Winnipeg in 1939.

We’ll miss you, Grandma.

This week’s Falcon Heavy launch was a sight to behold. From the sheer force of the launch through to the impeccably timed thruster landings, it’s hard not to get shivers down your spine when viewing the video. This photograph may also give you pause:

Everyday Astronaut has a few wondrous images on his web page. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with the quality of the photography or the extent of his imagination.

If you somehow missed the launch, take a few extra minutes and an extra cup of coffee to give this one a watch.

I’ve tested a few iPhone wallet cases over the years, specifically the ones from Twelve South. However, I think I’ve finally found the best iteration of the iPhone wallet case to date.

Hard Graft’s iPhone Card Wallet combines a sleeve and a few card slots in an intricate leather case. The sleeve is the part I’m most fascinated with; I’ve never been much of a fan of having to fold over a wallet case — complete with cards and cash — to type out a simple message or to take a phone call. Twelve South worked around this reality by allowing the hard case of the BookBook to be removable, but I think I’d prefer Hard Graft’s sleeve approach.

If you’ve got a spare $150, this might be the best iPhone wallet case so far.

This one comes out a little later than normal, so I apologize if I missed your regular afternoon cup of tea.

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.