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February is here, meaning we’re in the hardest part of the year. This is one of the longest streaks of the year with no long weekends, the winter weather becomes the most unbearable, sunlight is hard to find (in this part of the world), and, for a good number of folks, the financial impact of the Christmas season comes to fruition.

This may be the time where families undergo one of the hardest hits on health, as well. Jaclyn and I have had a number of extended family members pass away in the last few months, bringing plenty of time and reason to reflect on the blessing of good health. This has been a good reminder to hug our friends and family and to make sure we tell them we love them.

To any other families in the midst of hardship like this, I wish you the best through this hard time of the year.

Christophe Tauziet’s incoming six-to-eight month worldwide trip is something I’ve always imagined pulling off at some point in my life. My chance may come in retirement, but Christophe and his wife quit their jobs to travel the world right now. Pretty awesome.

Check out Christophe’s video for some great packing tips and, of course, a range of high-end gear for such a trip.

If you find yourself clamouring to do some travel at this time of year, or if you are travelling as we speak, please avoid the cliché photographs. There are quite enough of them on Instagram already.

I’ve been looking for an app that makes sharing Live Photos on Instagram quicker and easier than with a Live-Photo-to-GIF workflow. Every decent Live-Photo-to-GIF app leaves the video portion of a Live Photo dreary and blurry. Apps like Momento and Motion Stills (free options) also leave a watermark on the GIF. Overall, they work, but I haven’t become much of a fan.

This week, MacStories highlighted a new app for combining multiple Live Photos into a video file, perfect for sharing to friends who don’t have an iOS device or for sharing on any other social network. Snapthread is an app for combining Live Photos into a video file and even lets you put text and other additions into the video to spice it up.

The result is an easily shareable video file that can be sent to a friend. Or, in my case, I’ve been using Snapthread for creating videos to put on Instagram Stories. Stories are so, so, so much fun to consume, and it’s been lots of fun sharing my little girl’s newest actions, sounds, and memories with friends and family.

Snapthread is only a couple bucks on the App Store and is sure to improve sharing your Live Photos.

I’m three cups of coffee deep this morning, so I recommend everyone else grab a fourth cup for the rest of these great articles and videos.

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.