Cliff Kuang writing for Co.Design:

I asked Jay Osgerby if the fact that people were now working from hotel lobbies didn’t reveal a kind of new uncertainty in people’s long-term job prospects. After all, the Aeron was designed to keep someone in place for as long as possible; the Pacific suits an interior that a worker might never enjoy again. Osgerby waxed optimistic. “Yes, there are people who argue that the freelance economy brings insecurities, and that there’s no guarantee of a job forever,” he conceded. “But isn’t that a relief? With that instability comes the flexibility to feel more human.”

I’ll say it again: The Vitra Pacific Chair seems to be the chair to buy if you don’t want to sit in a chair. As beautiful as they are, I’m not sure a Pacific Chair would be on my short list of employment perks.