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It may look a little new around here. Josiah spent a few hours tidying things up this past week, bringing in inspiration from my friend Shawn’s new site, from iOS 11’s typography-heavy new design, and from other areas. I’m particularly fond of the new image captions.

Thanks again Josiah!

Twitter and reddit have recently been labelled as raging piles of burning dog poo, but there’s still some amazing nuggets to be found here and there.

Like this awesome photo of the Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick in the winter.

Or this stunning piece of art from Ernst Haas of the view from Notre Dame de Paris in 1955.

That latter photo may be my single favourite photograph I’ve ever seen. Such wonderful colour and emotion. There are the amazing timely photos — like Tank Man from Jeff Widener (hat tip to the folks in Candid’s Slack channel for that one) — and then there are amazing works of art. Ernst Haas’ work qualifies as exceptional art and is worth a Pinboard save for the future.

I jumped into the wide world of external displays for a MacBook Pro this past week. This is an even larger raging pile of burning dog poo.

What a mess.

No matter your price point, there are major compromises to be made. Want a Thunderbolt 3 display? They’re only really being released now, and for exceptionally high prices. Want USB-C? Most displays equipped with USB-C range in that $500-$700 USD range (about $800-$1,000 CAD) and either don’t have this or don’t have that. The panels are lackluster. Extra ports on the rear of the display don’t meet my needs. And most of them are plain ugly.

My ultimate conclusion was to go all-in on the LG UltraFine 5K Display. It’s probably the ugliest of all the displays on the market and it has a range of its own compromises, to be sure. But at least I know this display will be supported by tomorrow’s notebooks and comes with a panel I’ll never be disappointed to look at. It’s the most expensive display on the list I considered, but I think it has the longest staying power of any current options.

That 34-inch 5K ultrawide from LG sure looks like fun though.

It’s that time of year when winter blues really start to take effect. Usually this is when I start clamouring to go on a hot vacation somewhere. With a little one at home, warm cups of coffee and good reading lists will have to do the trick.

If you’re in the same boat as me, here are a few good links to get you started.

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.