A few days ago, I showed off my new iPhone X home screen. I’d be remiss not to give the iPad Pro some screen time.

I’ve spent more time than normal on the iPad recently. For what reason, I’m not sure. I think it’s a combination of the iPad’s ability to do more and the level of comfort a tabular computer can provide. It’s just so darn personal, you know?

The usual suspects are here, even though I spend more hours each day in Ulysses and Things than ever before.

The latest culprit, though, is Bear. I already discussed a few thoughts on it here, so I won’t rehash. But ever since this little discovery, Bear has become my most-used app on the iPhone and iPad (specifically iPhone, because of its capturing capabilities, but lots of processing is done on the iPad). It’s a delightful app with loads of power and I’m glad I’ve finally discovered how to use the app properly.

And lastly, I want to make sure I commend Apple on their work with Files.app. There are always nitpicks to be had, but it is one of the most useful “apps” to ship by default on iOS 11. I jump into Files multiple times every day and on an increasing number of occasions every day, as developers learn how to make use of Files.app in new and better ways. It even unzips zipped archive files!

I need a new wallpaper. Any ideas?