I have downloaded and subsequently deleted Bear more times than any other app on the App Store.

  • I don’t like Avenir Next and there’s something about the system font that doesn’t feel at home in the app.
  • $20 a year for an app that doesn’t do much more than an app like iA Writer seems unnecessary.
  • Apple Notes has fulfilled 99% of my needs in the past.

And then I discovered Bear’s share-sheet extension — I finally know what I’ve been missing. The ability to append or prepend to a specific note, along with the ability to save a titled link in Markdown both save so much time. The time needed to create a link heavy post like The Sunday Edition can be cut in half or less thanks to Bear’s share-sheet extension.

I have officially subscribed to Bear for a year. I can’t wait to discover how this app (among others) continues to pull my work into the iPad.