For many, a product’s first impression lasts a lifetime.

I remember the first time I used a Mac laptop. One of those original white MacBooks from 2009. You could scroll the webpage with two fingers on the trackpad instead of having to use the scroll bar or arrow keys.

I remember the first time I signed my name with a Lamy 2000. The nib felt like a hot knife in butter.

I remember the first time I set hands on the iPhone 4. I wasn’t sure how a screen could make pixels disappear.

I also remember my first impression of the Apple AirPods. A flip and a tap and everything was paired. No progress bars. No spinning wheels. I told my wife the AirPods paired with the iPhone while in the box. She laughed and realized I was fibbing. The evidence was there, though.

The design of the AirPods doesn’t disappoint either. The tooth floss design is quirky, but seems obvious in hindsight. There’s likely no other way to provide 24 hours of battery life inside the confines of the tiny wireless ear pieces. The glossy white plastic hearkens back to that old 2009 MacBook mentioned earlier, while the soft green light provides a reassuring sign that you’re charged and ready to listen.

The AirPods are Apple at it’s absolute finest: allowing other companies to hack and slash at an attempt to be first, while executing only after Apple had determined the perfect formula.

Many will look back at the first time they flipped open the AirPod case. They’ll remember looking down at their iPhone and realizing the AirPods had already connected. That experience will be looked at fondly, in the halls of other first-time experiences which shoved us into the 21st Century.

That time before  AirPods? Surely we’ll never want to go back.

If any of the above piqued your interest, you can use the links below. Apple’s products are usually better to purchase through the Apple Online Store. However, if you decide to purchase on Amazon, I’ll get a small kickback to help keep the camera firing. Much appreciated. — JG

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