Today on the Sweet Setup, the team posted our pick for the best blogging app on Mac for Wordpress. It’s MarsEdit, of course.

In fact, MarsEdit is so good, it has me wanting to switch to WordPress just to use the app. It’s so simple. So straightforward. So fast. It also happens to be one of the older apps we’ve recommended in quite some time. Just look at Shawn’s review of MarsEdit back in 2008.

The hero images for this review are a particular stepping stone for me. I recently picked up two Cactus RF60 flashes, a Cactus V6 IIs transceiver, and two Cactus CB-60 softboxes, and this is the first set of hero images shot with the new off-camera lighting system. Never before have I been able to shoot in this context and it’s truly game changing for my workflow.

These were shot at about 9:00PM a few evenings ago — pitch dark outside and only ambient incandescent lighting in the house.

I have so much to learn when it comes to flash photography, but it’s been addicting to practice over the last few evenings.

Photography aside, this review of MarsEdit by Stephen Hackett is pretty darn good. Be sure to head over and give the review a read.