Colin Devroe:

I can say I’ve felt this pressure. Amazing photographers are on Instagram and the more of them I follow the less I want to post – thinking I cannot compete.

Good point. I believe I’ve felt this as well.

Back in 2014, I wrote a post reflecting on Jaclyn’s change in spirits after she dropped Facebook from her social media life.

The ultimate litmus test of Facebook’s shackles are birthdays. Wishing someone a happy birthday is the very definition of “obligatory”. It’s a simple, personal and oh-so easy way of showing someone “you care”. And the more “Happy Birthday” splattered across your wall, the more positive your self-concept.

Facebook is bad for this.

And Instagram is worse.

I fell into the trap of following people I know personally, only to find nothing in my life measured up to the carefully curated feeds of the people down the road. I post one of my best photos from a trip. They post a photo of their morning coffee. And they double my like count. It’s a bad trap to fall into.

I tried to fix this by unfollowing just about everyone I know personally and following as many talented photographers as I could find. The result of that decision: enormous inspiration to get out of the house and travel, but also to a confidence-shattering reflection on my own photos. Now, instead of posting what I thought was one of my best photos, I opt to hold back because it doesn’t measure up.

Colin’s thinking is spot on. No matter what you do, you can’t win.

A quick aside: be sure to take a peek at that video from itchban. Downright trickery right there.