This was such a great opportunity.

Over on the Day One blog, I wrote a list of 10 questions to capture the year in your journal.

At the end of the year, I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee, firing up Day One (macOS/iPhone/iPad), and writing down my thoughts regarding the year that was. From highs to lows to accomplished goals to missed opportunities, this year-end self-interview has really helped me keep track of my own personal growth. This list of questions should help you undergo the same sort of self-interview.

On a side note, I don’t believe I purchased Day One on day one, but I bought both the Mac and iPhone versions of the app in early March 2011. It’s incredible to see how the app and the Bloom Built team has grown and evolved over the years. I’m excited to be part of the blog team going forward.

If you need some year end journaling inspiration, head on over to check out the piece.