Dave Itzkoff, writing for The New York Times about Felicity Jones, Star Wars’ newest star:

The filmmakers and co-stars who have worked with her over the years say this is typical of Ms. Jones, who would rather keep her head down and work than look up and see where her accomplishments are taking her.
“When you meet Felicity, it doesn’t really add up,” said Gareth Edwards, the “Rogue One” director. “She’s incredibly — and I mean this in a positive way — incredibly normal. None of this, so far at least, has in any way affected her. It’s kind of remarkable.”

Perhaps my favourite line from Jones herself:

“It was a fusion of studying English at university and being a fan of Jane Austen, as all English women should be,” she said wryly.

I’m sure the world will get tired of Star Wars every year for the next decade. But whoever the lead, I’ll be sitting there at midnight with popcorn in hand.