Last week, my review of the Apple Watch Series 2 was published on Tools & Toys.

This was a fun review to write. Not only is the Apple Watch my favourite Apple device to date, it truly had a lasting impact on my life. I found myself walking and standing more often than normal and I was reaching for my iPhone way less.

But I also had to go through a bit of a reality check: I couldn’t keep the Apple Watch. With every new Apple device comes a new Apple device upgrade cycle. Between MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Watches, and cameras, I have plenty of devices to upgrade on an annual or bi-annual basis. By eliminating a device from that list, I not only save dollars now, I save dollars in the future.1

If you’re up for reading the whole story, head on over to Tools & Toys to check out the review.

And no, I’m not going to use an aluminum Apple Watch because it’s cheaper. The stainless steel model is so much better, it completely ruined my taste for the aluminum Apple Watch. Stainless steel or bust.